Here is my personal collection of nibs and my collection of Esterbrook boxes.  The collection to the left-most is my collection of Esterbrooks.  You will find multiple copies of a few of the nibs.  This is because all the copies are from a different batch.  Some older some newer, some ground-point, some groove-pointed, some gold, and some are silver.  The next set covers various brands from all over the world.  There are some from England, Italy, and even Japan.  My 2 personal favorites are the Superior Crown Pen and the Eifel Tower nib.  No doubt that my collection will continue to expand as I collect more nibs each month.  So you might see some new updates as I collect more.  The boxes are also neat to collect.  They sometimes have very intricate artwork, and other times they are slightly bland.  To learn more about these nibs visit the history page.