Brandon McKinney
Illustrator / Designer / Artist
President / Owner of White Apple Multimedia

Brandon McKinney has studied art since he was a young boy at the age of 9. He was first inspired by his brother's creations. When the family saw the budding talent they were all too eager to enroll him in special drawing classes. As a youth he dreamed of one day being a comic artist after being inspired by the early works of Comic fame Marc Silvestri. In High School, he attended Skyline Career Development Center and majored in the Commercial Art Cluster. Here he learned the ‘old school' methods of taking art and marketing it for real world consumption. After graduation he couldn't afford college so began working for a living as a Computer Technician.After about of decade of working in the now dead-end industry of Technical Support, he decided to pursue his dream of being an artist.

White Apple Multimedia
was an idea that had sprung up back in late High School. After his final lay off from a tech support position, Brandon had trouble finding work in the same industry. He decided to branch out into the Commercial Art field. Many companies told him that he had talent, but that his portfolio lacked anything ‘real.' Determined to show them that he had what it took, he decided to build his business from scratch. He started off in local Conventions such as Anime Fest and A-Kon. From there he acquired some clients and word of mouth spread.